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Helen's Aesthetics

Practising Medical Aesthetics Since 2010

I'm a Advance Nurse Practitioner RGN BSc(Hons)DN PGcert, Independent Nurse Prescriber, with over 25 years of nursing experience. I presently work in the dermatology department where I specialise in skin cancer. However I have been practising medical aesthetics since 2010 where I also specialise in non-surgical cosmetic solutions to the ageing process.

I use products such as Dermal Fillers for face rejuvenation, contouring and lip volumization and injections to smooth out muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. 

In my small discreet clinic on the Isle of Wight we can discuss your aesthetic concerns and formulate a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Member of:

Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)

British Dermatology Nursing Group (BDNG)

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE).

Insured by: Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.

Helen Pole: Registered General Nurse BSc(Hons) Advance Nurse Practitioner PGcert. Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Helens Aesthetics